Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 10 Actors and Actresses

To copy Hollywood Dreamland, I too am going to do a count down of my favorite actors and actresses. I know this is really supposed to be 20, but I honestly can't think of 20. Isn't that sad? Proof that I need to branch out more. Anyway, so begins the count down:

10. Franklin Pangborn: How can you resist? He is one of the few actors that makes me squeal when I discover that he is in a movie I'm watching. He rarely had a large enough part to garner a screen credit in his whopping 224 films, yet he is one of the best-remembered character actors among us classic film freaks. He often tackled gay stereotypes in pre-code and code-era films along with other character actors like Edward Everett Horton.
Favorite Roles: Harcourt in Stage Door, Herbert in Professional Sweetheart

10. Spring Byington: WHy not make it a character actor day? Spring Byington was a fantastic actresses who handled dizzy women perfectly. My mom particularly loves my impression of Spring as Rebecca Perry in Theadora Goes Wild, which is also my favorite role of hers. Other favorites are as Marmee in Little Women (1933) and Mary Sunshine in Roxie Hart.

(her part starts at 2:20)

Number 9 tomorrow!


  1. Oh I love them both! I can't remember where (imdb? wikipedia? some other unreliable source?) that Spring Byington was quite the spunky lady!! I'd love to read a real biography of her...

  2. According to a thread on IMDB, she was a lesbian. It's much more surprising to hear it about her than it was for some of the more obvious ones, like Greta or Talullah Bankhead, but apparently she had a long-time companion.

  3. I went back and looked up her wikipedia page after I commented, and I think her partner was Marjorie Main (though they both had husbands previously, I think) Now it's been a few days since I read it and I don't remember! lol

    But didn't she have some daring hobbies? Seemed like such a fun person!