Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's talk again

about how this is DEFINITELY NOT GINGER!

This frustrates me to no end. It comes up all the damn time, and it's so obvious that it's not her. I mean, look at those boobs. Ginger's were fairly small (but proportional to her body), and these are huuuuuge. Face is wrong,eyebrows are totally wrong, everything is wrong.

Don't even get me started about how this is from Holiday Inn.
Both of these are currently being sold on, and the latter is even the cover of a Fred and Ginger cd that is available on Amazon. Can you believe they pay people to research this shit?!?!


  1. ...something tells me you are holding back your true feelings on this issue, Maggie... :-]

    ...I wholeheartedly concur that the first pic is NOT Ginger...the body is not 'Ginger's body', for sure...honestly, it looks more like a blonde Lucille Ball to me...
    And the second one is well documented as being the holiday Inn lady - dang it, can't think of her name now - but NOT Ginger... it's sad folks can't get it right...see, this is where the 'official' Ginger site should have some info or contact these folks to say it isn't Ginger... and let's face it, true VKMfans KNOW it isn't Ginger, and will probably not buy whatever they are selling, thinking the whole thing is hokey...

  2. Ginger's official website needs to step up in a lot of updating more than every 3 years. I would love it if the Friends of Ginger Rogers society could start up again. I may contact Roberta Olden about it. Something needs to be done on her 100th birthday.

  3. Rock on... I have always wondered if Roberta could be reached, or if she has a blog or site... would LOVE to hear some of her stories...
    Never knew about the Society, but if it ever gets going again, where do I sign up? :-)

  4. If I had to hazard a guess and not bothering to go find a photo of her for comparison, I would guess the first photo is of Betty Hutton. I could be wrong given that too lazy to find a photo of Betty thing :-)

  5. Oooh, I love your new blog!!!
    Yes I agree on the first pic. I get so annoyed when I see it sometimes. I'm thinking, why do they say that's Ginger Rogers? It's not, just look at the face and figure, or compare an actual picture to that. But I just don't get it...

    Ya I've seen that CD cover on some websites. It's a shame.

    I also think that the GR website needs to add a lot more things. They haven't even done anything to it. It's like what's the whole point of having a "official" website, if you're not going to do anthing??? :/

  6. ..the 'official' site is really just set up for 'basic' info, and primarily as a 'copyrighted material' source for VKM...I guess they own the rights to her licensed stuff. Funny that they don't offer stuff to buy or anything...
    I would gladly keep up with the site! for FREE!
    ...but then again, G-ology is basically set up for that...

  7. Do you really mean that people think that's Ginger? She is so easy to recognize, she has a very personal appearance!

  8. that photo being on the "official site" is soooo annoying - it's not Betty Hutton - it's an actress from the late 1940's - 1950's never made it that big - so hence none of us remembering her name. The holiday in person is Marjorie Reynolds.

  9. I would love if the Friends of Ginger Rogers Society would reprint their issues for sale. I am in the process of writing my tribute to Ginger and have posted the first 13 Chapters at Ginger was a marvelous person.