Monday, February 8, 2010

My LA Trip Intenerary

My trip is just a little more than a month away! Here is a tentative list of things I plan on visiting:

1. 1605 Gilcrest Drive: Obviously, Ginger's big house in Beverly Hills. After doing some googling tonight, I discovered that the current resident, Tobey Cotsen donated $12,500 to Democratic Presidential candidates in 2008. Hilarious. Ginger would be soooooo pissed.

2. Oakwood Memorial Park: to see Ginger, Fred, and Gloria Grahame's graves.
3. Grauman's Chinese Theater
4. Forest Lawn cemetery: there are so many people I want to see here, so time is obviously an issue. I would hate to drage my friends through a cemetery for a whole day just to see random film composers.
They have: 2 of the Andrews Sisters, Lucille Ball, L. Frank Baum, Joan Blondell, Eric Blore, George Cukor, Michael Curtiz, Jane Darwell, Edith Head, Edward Everett Horton, Gus Kahn (lyricist for many standards including It Had to be You and Dream a Little Dream), Mervyn LeRoy, Ernst Lubitsch, Alfred Newman (composer of many Hitchcock films), Maria Ouspenskaya, Dick Powell, Max Steiner, Jimmy Stewart, Dimitri Tiompkin, William Wyler. Phew!
5. Museum of Contemporary Art: something I love almost as much as film is contemporary art.
6. My dear friend Paige has agreed to come with me, and we are going to try to get tickets for Chelsea Lately, one of our favorite shows!!
Please please please suggest more things! And if you will be in LA the 3rd week of March, let me know!


  1. Youre going to the house??? Awesome! Don't get arrested. Hey did you ever notice when Ginger calls the police in Monkey Business (right after they paint eachother) thats the address she gives?

    Went to Graumanns once - was very underwhelmed by the area but had fun looking at the footprints and mad at myself for not seeing out Ginger's....arent they right next to Fred's? I swear I saw a picture of theres next to eachother once.
    I love that she wore a dress with stars all over it on that cute! Something I would have done!

    I think you should take a flower to the Forest of course ;)

  2. I will probably just drive by her house, or let my friend drive so I can take pictures. I just want to see it.
    Her prints are right next to Fred's, and I love the dress she wore! If I had a similar one I would totally wear it.
    I'm definitely taking her some pink roses, probably fake because I'm poor, and so they will last longer.

  3. Oh, sweet! I wish I were going!

    You should go see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D at the El Capitan (across from the Chinese Theater)

  4. Woah. Excuse all my typos. I DO know the difference between there and theirs. Its been a long day.*facepalm*

  5. lol, tell me about it. I've been babysitting for 12 hours. I hate having 2 jobs!!!

  6. Aaaahaha at #1. She would not be happy.

    Coincidence! I am going to be in LA the...second week in march. So almost coincidence. I still have to plan what I'm doing with the friend I'm visiting and some random old hollywood flavor definitely needs to be in there somewhere. Last time I was there we took a sort of accidental detour and trespassed through the back areas of the santa anita racetrack (the gate was totally open and we wanted a better view!) because I am insane and all sorts of classy people have been there.

  7. heh heh...well, Ginger WAS a 'little blue dot' in a 'big red state', wasn't she?...

    Hey, go knock on the door...what's the worst that could happen? You can outrun a doberman, can't you? :-} Who knows, dude may just give tours... of course it is totally 'refurbished' inside to be sure, but wonder whatever happened to the ice cream fountain...if still there, probably serving up a bit stronger concoctions nowadays, no doubt... if you DO get inside, take pictures...!!!

    ...I REALLY want to get out there one of these days... maybe when my son gets old know, do the obligatory Grand Canyon - Hoover Dam tour on the way (driving over, of course...getting on a plane with kids...probably easier to drive...)

    Anyway, hope everything goes VERY well out there for you, Maggie!!! and remember, UPDATES!!!


  8. know, i might have gotten that 'red-blue' thing mixed up...which party is which? ...not very political, y'all...

  9. 12 hours??? Thats not babysitting...Thats childcare!!!

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  11. Advanced welcome to my home state and neck of the woods. Everyone is buried at Forest Lawn (and a lot at Hollywood Forever, too). Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Humphrey Bogart, etc. But you should print out a map online before you go because technically they aren't allowed to tell you who is buried where.