Thursday, February 4, 2010

Numbers 9

9. Jack Carson: He is great in almost everything I've seen him in. The Groom Wore Spurs is the exception. He played a wide variety of minor men, from the suave Connors in Carefree to the overexcited Mr. Milbank in Stage Door. He also did a great job in the late 40s musicals with his girlfriend (at the time) Doris Day.
Try not to watch this video without laughing so hard you cry (I did!)

9. Ann Miller: One of the greatest female tap dancers of all time. She is second in my book to Eleanor Powell. But she is a much better singer and actress than Powell. Plus she could hold her own with a mega star like Ginger at the tender age of 14!

Favorite Roles: Ann "String Bean" in Stage Door, Claire in On the Town


  1. Two of my favorites!

    Have you seen Carson in "John Loves Mary"? It has my favorite of his roles (second only to Connors of course!).

  2. Both of these are great! I do agree that 'Spurs' was not all that great...just kinda cute, but quite predictable...
    And how can you not love Ann? PROBABLY my fav lady dancer not named Ginger Rogers! :-)

  3. I recently saw The Groom Wore Spurs and at the end of it I literally said "What was that?" Not really the finest piece of work for Jack or Ginger...I prefer Carefree!

    LOVE Ann Miller - watching Easter Parade right now! Ann Miller is another reason I love Stage Door. Ginger, Kate, Lucy, Eve, and Ann...AWESOME cast!