Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's talk...

about how this is not Ginger:

am I right? It looks like a Ginger love child with Paulette Goddard. If it is her, I don't recognize the dress from any of the movies of her "dark hair" years.
While we're at it, let's all agree to retire this photo:

The colorization looks SO FREAKY.


  1. know, I was going thru my 'stash' of VKM pics, and there are more than a few that I am 'wary' of... honestly, I have never seen the first one, believe it or not, but it may well be her, just a 'weird' pose, to me, anyway... if that is a 'birthmark' on her left side, it looks a bit out of place compared to where it usually is. There are also certain things about her eyes that are general, Ginger's right eye is just a BIT more 'open' than her left (think everyone has one eye 'stronger' than the other)...this pic is a bit 'indeterminate' in that regard. So, I guess to sum up, I would say that there are many more out there that look a whole lot LESS like Ginger than this particular one... you know, for some reason, I thought about Barbara Stanwyck when I saw this pic...not sure why...

    BTW - with you totally on the colorized pic...that one is a bit too much - love green, although I am pretty sure that dress was not green...could be wrong, tho... this one may have been a bit better when 'new', but faded out, and now looks..well, faded out in an 'off-color' (literally) way.

  2. i wonder, if that pic is not Ginger, than what woman in Hollywood looked like her twin sister?? The eyes, look at those, definitely VKM! although yes, the 'birthmark' is off. Weird..