Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed in again!

Once again, Oklahoma has been hit with an ice storm. Luckily, my neighbors agreed to let me share their internet signal if I pay half the bill, so I have internet at home again! My cabin fever has inspired me to do some pretty weird things, like clean. There were boxes in my bedroom that had never been unpacked from when I moved in September. Now things are looking much more spiffy!
I am also trying a vintage hairstyle. I sloppily put up some pin curls about half an hour ago. Last time they were super frizzy. We'll see what happens.
Later, I'm going to start an entry that will probably be really long called "Why Stage Door is the best movie ever". Ok, I'm not going to argue that it is actually the best movie ever made (even though it happens to be my favorite), but I am going to bring up some nuances I've seen in my 100+ viewings of the film, plus some things I've read.
I discovered this week in my films of the '30s class (which has a really disappointing line up of films) that I really don't like early 30s films. I think this may come from my musical training and the way my professor has been pushing me to write about film music. Most of these films have little or no music at all, which is why I usually yawn through anything prior to King Kong, which features a fantastic and revolutionary Max Steiner score. I suppose being in these courses that disappoint me only make me want to do better when I am in their shoes in a few years.
Well, I still have a few things to pick up in my room, then I need to tackle the living room and kitchen. Bye Bye for now!

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  1. Uggghhh, I have had my fill of snow and cold weather already!