Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey, it worked!

This is the first time that my pincurls have turned out well. I was trying to recreate Ginger's pageboy style that she wears through most of Stage Door, specifically this scene:

That scene also features my favorite line: "What do we do about the sign?" "Just leave it there."

Anyway, after a basic set of pin curls that I pinned at thelowest possible point on my hairline, here is the result:

I was so excited, I puton makeup and my favorite vintage dress for some pictures~


  1. LOVELY - have you got Lauren Rennells' book on how to do vintage hairstyles? I think it's very good. I've been experimenting with heated rollers with LOTS of product sprayed in before I curl. I'm going to try pin curls SOON!

  2. Thanks! I don't have the book. I watch Lisa's how-to videos here:
    I think most of her tutorials come from those books.

    My tip for pin curls: do not do them on wet hair. Spritz dry hair with just a little bit of water so the ends will stick together. I tried to do it with my hair damp after a shower, and it was a frizzball mess!