Saturday, May 1, 2010

A return to film blogging

I have really slacked off this semester on this blog. I wish I could say that I'm sorry, but it's what had to happen. I was working 2 jobs, had an internship at the OKC Museum of Art, and 14 hours of school. What little free time I had was spent completely vegged in front of the TV. I have been watching the same dozen films at bedtime, because they are a comfort to me. The only new movies I have seen recently were in class. I haven't even watched most of the movies from GingerMarch, and here we are, May 1st! I hope you understand.

A couple of days ago, I realized that I had not posted a true review or analysis of a film on this blog in several months. Now that we are coming up on the first anniversary of my entrance into the blogosphere.

In my next year of blogging, I promise a return to my roots. The early stages of this blog served as great practice and experience, especially since my Writing About Film course completely failed me. I found an instructional book about Film Writing the other day at Goodwill, and I plan on designing an independent course for myself based on it.
Have some patience in me, and I promise to improve.



  1. problem, Maggie! As I have told all of the scholars in the 'ring', school is PRIORITY! Ginger isn't going anywhere...

    But I am the same boat with you, as far as lack of posting...been busy with a whole other set of circumstances, primarily dealing with my dad, who has terminal cancer, and we are trying to get him in a facility...he lived alone forever, and just no other alternative but to place him where folks can tend to him when needed...of course he is putting up a fight, so that is the fun going on currently for Huey...
    Well, I am planning on doing a post, and maybe other stuff, tomorrow...supposed to be rainy all day, so a good time for catching up...
    Dang - sorry this ran out so far... well, hope school goes well for you - and intern-ing (?) is great...nice experience and can 'beef up' the resume...

    BTW, great pic - not sure if I have seen that one... the 'framework' of the pool / courts in the background shows up quite well... sigh...when do I get to report for Cabana boy duty??? :-)

    Hang in there, Maggie! summer is just around the corner!

    KIG - VKMfan

  2. Including a bathing suit at the end of the post makes it impossible not to forgive you!
    I know how you feel though - I have been absent from my blog too. It's no fun at all to feel that you HAVE TO write a blog post, so take it easy. I look forward to upcoming reviews whenever the time is right!
    Love //Lolita

  3. Maggie, do take all the time you need. I agree with Lolita on all her points (yet again) especially about the photo. :) I really hope the current occupants of her home realize who lived there.

  4. ...I would love to yak with the folks that live there... of course, they probably are unapproachable... but maybe they ARE aware that Ginger lived would think it would be pretty well documented...
    Wonder if you could just write a letter or something and send it to that address... well, duh, ANYONE could do that, but I guess would they respond? You never know, they could be big VKMfans, and would get a kick replying... or, they could call the FBI to trace you and throw you in the hoosegow for stalking... the truth lies somewhere between the extremes... 'between the extremes'...that would be a cool name for a music album... yeah, it's nearing the witching hour where I am... the 'woozies' are taking over, y'all...

    before any further abnormalities surface...

    Keep It Gingery!!!


  5. Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .