Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just a thought...

You guys may be "Gingerologists", but I'm a GINGINEER!


  1. ...ROCK ON, Maggie! You are definitly in 'rare air' when it comes to your level of involvement with all things Ginger... hope all your research stuff turned out well. I want to at least get out to LA to check out the GingerTrail... just very cool stuff! Realistically, I may get up to Independence, anyway, to check out the birthplace... if so, I will thouroughly document it...
    And dang it, I should have coined the phrase 'Gingineer'...you know, with me being an engineer and all... but you definitely fit the title! :-]

    Keep It Gingery (as I know you will!)


  2. check out this newspaper article, with a report on Ginger Rogers' earnings (sadly, there is a Deanna Durbin divorce story right next to it)


  3. PS - you might need to browse to Page 45 of 52 - it's the article at the top of The Reading Eagle, Thursday October 14, 1943 page 23

  4. Thanks for the link, Tom - that's pretty cool! Always have heard she made one of the top salaries in the early 40's, but cool to see the 'documentation'!