Monday, March 15, 2010

Top Hat and Roberta at the Egyptian Theater

Well, I saw Top Hat and Roberta tonight at Grauman's historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. It was a surreal experience, to watch these movies only blocks away from 780 Gower street, where they were shot.
The applause at the beginning of Top Hat brought me to tears, and I had trouble maintaining my composure through the rest of the double-feature. Everyone clapped after each musical number! It was great being in a room with tons of other people who loved these films, and I was really happy that two of my friends accompanied me and enjoyed them as well.
Tomorrow, I'm off to UCLA to start my research on Carefree! I will be handling the actual documents, including script drafts and production papers. I can't wait!


  1. What kind of research? How awesome Ginger was in that movie? What a ding-dong Mark Sandrich was? :P

  2. how wonderful! good luck with the research that's groovy.

  3. I love the Egyptian! Have fun at UCLA. Idk what sort of research you're doing, but I'd recommend checking out the Margaret Herrick Library at AMPAS because they have everything.

  4.'s killer just to KNOW there are so many other folks who are fans of the 'classics', and obviously ANY Ginger and Fred films!!!
    One of these years I am going to get out there to check everything out... Is RKO studios still there? or at least the building - sure it is some other studio, or even another type of business by now...
    Of course, we are expecting a COMPREHENSIVE report on the Carefree docs! A few pics would be greatly appreciated as well! :-)

    (a quite envious) VKMfan

  5. Hope you had a safe trip home and enjoyed LA!
    Come back soon so we can find Fred's gravestone and actually knock on Ginger's door.