Monday, March 22, 2010

My return and subsequent 21st birthday!

We poured in to snowy and icy Oklahoma early yesterday morning, and the ice made us even more depressed about leaving sunny L.A.
This week is going to be crazy because I will be trying to finish this paper about Carefree, but I will try to come back as often as I can and post little tidbits about Carefree that you will find interesting. I copied some scenes from old script drafts word for word, but I'm pretty sure they are copyright protected, so I can't share them in their entirety. Here's the tidbit for today, from the production files, which logged Ginger's daily punctuality (lol):
July 5th: call time 9 AM, arrived 10:10 AM. Also an hour late from lunch. What was going on that day?

All of my pictures are on my facebook. You're welcome to friend me (just let me know you're from here), or here is a link for the public album.

Also, today is my 21st birthday! Not much excitement so far because I'm watching some kids who are particularly talkative, but later tonight my friends are taking me out for sushi and drinks.


  1. Happy birthday, Maggie! Have lots of fun with your friends tonight!

  2. Happy b-day! Lucky you, I would love to visit that! Ginger was great :D

    Glad you are back safe! ...although being in L.A. HAS to be pretty dang cool! Ya GOTTA crank out some 'general' info for us... paraphrasing is quite alright!

    Thanks for the pic and 'tidbits'! Hope the paper goes well for you - I know it will!!! for Facebook, believe it or not, I do not participate in that area of the WWW (yeah, I am always last on board with anything...) so, can you just 'visit' w/o being a 'member' or whatever? My wife IS on Facebook, so I guess I COULD use her account... OR, I COULD just break down and set up an account...
    OK - enough babbling... hope you have a blast on your #21! Well, after watching the kids, that is... :-)