Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Illness and the numbers four

I am sorry for the delays in my blogging, but I have been sick. Two weeks ago I had stomach flu, and now I either have tonsillitis, step throat, or a sinus infection. Either way, I really need to build up my immune system, because I know the kids I take care of are carrying tons of germs.
Also, I got in a very minor wreck yesterday, just enough to piss me off. I had just backed out of my parking space when the lady across from me backed out right in to my rear bumper. Now I have a lovely dent just above my right rear tire.

Anyway, here are number 4...a very appropriate pair:
The original "tall, dark and handsome". Known as "The King", Clark Gable was at his best playing the suave and sneaky man. What I like best about him was his ability to deliver any line through a smile, in effect, "killing 'em with kindness". He is one of the only people who could insult you, and make you enjoy every minute of it! Despite his big ears and crooked teeth, his voice and the way he carried himself remains very appealing. It also helps that he played one of the most desireed characters ever created, Rhett Butler.
Favorite Roles: Rhett in Gone with the Wind, Peter in It Happened One Night

Apparently, this song brought the usually tough Gable to tears when it was premiered at his birthday party.

Appropriately, my #4 actress is the love of Gable's life, the Profane Angel herself, the wonderful Carole Lombard. She had a wonderful gift for comedy both on screen and in real life. I just finished a great book called "Gable and Lombard" that chronicles their lives and their relationship, and I burst out laughing at each story of Carole's practical jokes. I would have loved to have spent time with her and attend some of her "fun parties". One of my favorite stories of one of her pranks is her arrival to a party celebrating someone's release from mental care. Appropriately, Carole arrived in an ambulance, and was wheeled in on a stretcher, wearing a straitjacket. Her spirit is infectious, and even though she died for too early, she left us with hundreds of reasons to smile.
On a side-note, Carole's beaded gown from No Man of Her Own will be one of the many costumes on display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's exhibit Sketch to Screen.
Favorite Roles: Irene in My Man Godfrey, Connie in No Man of Her Own, Hazel in Nothing Sacred

3:51 is the funniest part. (obviously, spoilers if you haven't seen the movie)

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