Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Oklahoma is experiencing a record amount of December snowfall. We have about 7 inches here in Tulsa, and in Norman, where I live and go to school, we had 14 inches!

Indy (R) and Bella (L) don't seem to mind. They like pretending to be Sonya Henjie!
Back inside, there's not much to do but watch movies and this:

I have watched quite a few movies, though. I'm going to list them and tell you briefly what I thought:
Why We Fight: Very good. I wish I had watched it before I wrote my paper on Foreign Policy!
Once Upon a Honeymoon: Finally showed this one to my mom. We agree: It gets of to a fantastic start, but loses complete focus when it turns in to a Nazi dramedy. Pick one and stick with it, and since you have Cary, Ginger, and Leo McCarey, you should have picked comedy.
That Touch of Mink: Doris Day and Cary Grant. I feel that the plot of this film has aged better than Doris' other sex comedies, namely Pillow Talk.
The RKO Story: See it as soon as possible.
An Affair to Remember: pretty much a shot-for-shot remake. I liked the Irene Dunne/Charles Boyer version significantly better.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Very good Carole Lombard film, one of her last. I can't quite understand why Alfred Hitchock was assigned to it. I guess everyone has to pay their dues.
Gone With the Wind: HOLY CRAP. I will be writing a full entry to tell you how much I love it.

Tonight I plan on watching "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" and "Song of Bernadette", the latter so that I can write you a fantastic obituary on Miss Jennifer Jones, which is long overdue.

I have discovered a new cure for cabin fever, especially if you are completely insane like me. allows you to add sparkly unicorns and rainbows to the picture of your choice. Here are a few of mine:


  1. Yikes. I didn't know Tulsa got snow.

    No pink baby unicorns for me.

  2. ...funny, sometimes when I gaze at a VKM pic long enough, those critters start to appear... :-) I think VKM would have dug that...especailly the pink ones!

    Cute doggie, BTW! for the 'nutshell' reviews, do agree (somewhat) on 'Honeymoon'...the radical gear shifting between comedy and drama/espionage is a bit much....I've seen it a few times, tho, and it does 'blend' a bit better... but yeah, 'comedy' is the best for this combo - the measurement scene at the first is classic... It really is a 'misnomer' title for the movie, typically don't think concentration camps when you hear 'Honeymoon'...

  3. Hitchcock wasn't "assigned" to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"; he did it as a favor to his friend Carole Lombard, the film's de facto producer. When Carole moved to Encino after marrying Clark Gable, she rented her Bel-Air house to Hitchcock, who had just arrived in the U.S..

    Speaking of Lombard, I cordially invite you to visit my blog dedicated to her and classic Hollywood, "Carole & Co." at