Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming tomorrow...

1. a special post about Jennifer Jones, including some pictures from her (and my) hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma
2. Gone with the Wind!

But first, my best friend and I are going to celebrate the end of this semester with a little libation!



  1. I can't wait for that post! And thank you for learning me a useful English word - "libation". Must remember that! :D
    Oh, and while writing this I'm sitting by the computer with two glasses of white wine, so that's suiting! (My boyfriend bailed on his glass, so I'm not desperate! Haha.)

  2. ...looking forward to the posts ahead, Maggie! ...and while I don't partake in libations, the end of a semester (quarters back in my day) is probably one of the best occasions to imbibe if one is so inclined! Hope you made merry to your heart's content...but not to the point of paying for it the next day! for Miss Jones, she was quite an actress - but didn't seem to get much 'credit' even tho she won an Oscar... hopefully TCM will crank out a 'tribute' day for her, as she desrves one, no doubt!