Sunday, November 22, 2009

Delays upon Delays

Since I moved in to my apartment, I have been using an unsecured wireless internet signal, because I am a broke college student and adding internet to my already astronomical cable bill ($77!) would put me even farther over the edge. Anyway, last Wednesday, whomever owns this linksys signal decided to be a meanie and make it password protected. Alas, I am without a signal and am currently blogging from the OU Fine Arts Library.
The Pro: I have more time to watch the over 70 movies I currently have on my DVR.
The Con: I can't tell you about them!

I'll leave you with one I watched Friday night, a new favorite: The Philadelphia Story. With each subsequent KH movie, I like her a little more (I also watched Woman of the Year last night).


  1. I love Woman of the Year and The Philadelphia Story. Liz is my favorite character from the latter, in case you were wondering. You haven't seen it before?

  2. Hang in there, Maggie! When you win the Jeopardy College Championship, you will be able to crank up the 'lightspeed' stuff!

    As for Kate, Warner Brothers just came out with a 'four movie' package with some of her best, including the two you mentioned, plus 'Bringing Up Baby' and 'Adam's Rib'... thought a lot about buying it, but as a Gingerologist, just....can' that....(joking).
    I really like Kate - Bringing up Baby is quite funny, and I enjoyed the 30% or so of 'Philly' that I have seen...
    WB is coming out with a bunch of the 'four in a set' movies...I bought a 'horse set' for my daughter (National Velvet, Int'l Velvet, Black Beauty, and the original Seabiscuit w/Shirley Temple) - so y'all check it out - WB is doing some pretty good stuff with reissues...wish the other studios would follow their lead!
    STILL waiting for the fully restored 73-movie Ginger box, tho... :-)

  3. I think I'm going to get the "classic comedy" collection. It has Phildelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, Stage Door, and a few others for about 30 bucks.

    I'll jump on that 73-film restored collection as soon as I start restoring in a few years.

  4. this is my favorite scene from Philadelphia Story! Jimmy and Katherine Hepburn! Hooray!

  5. ...sounds good, Maggie! Start with Hat Check Girl, then Sitting needs a lot of work...
    ...I think I have talked of this before, but honestly, the #1 funniest moment in Stage Door was when Kate was at rehearsal, and missed her entry cue... she said in effect, "I know I missed my cue, but there's some men back there fooling around with ropes and things...could you please ask them to stop?" that just cracked me up, for some reason...

  6. I love... readding.., ............ your articals too - so I've left you an award here:
    Hope it takes some of the edge off your cable bill!