Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does this look familiar?

Ginger designed a line of nightgowns and lingerie in the 60s and 70s called "Formfit Rogers". I was just browsing through some stuff on ebay, and came across this:
Look familiar??

A striking resemblance!

I'll be off in Atlanta, Georgia until Tuesday. I'm going there to audition for the Jeopardy college tour, and to visit my uncle and his family. Happy Trails 'til next time!


  1. I'm here, Maggie! No problem with the 'switch'...
    The VKM dress is a cool find! I know she was a 'fashion consultant' for JC Penney, of all places, back in the early 70's, so this may be from one of her lines there. I've not seen much 'info' about her time with them, tho - maybe the JCP website would have something...

    Anyway, have fun in the ATL! I am one state over in B'ham, so have been to ATL quite a few times. It's a cool place, obviously much larger than here...
    Hope the Jeopardy audition goes well!!! I really dig that show, but am not too 'up' on certain subjects, like 'English Royalty', 'Shakespeare', etc... But I am sure you will do great!
    Keep it Gingery! JW