Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ginger's 98th

Tomorrow marks the 98th birthday of none other than Miss Ginger Rogers. I have made some special celebration plans:
I'm going to watch at least 2 pictures of hers that I have never before seen. I bought Black Widow about a month ago, but I've never gotten around to watching it. My mom is also very interested in seeing that one, so I'll probably watch that one in the evening. I'll likely watch Vivacious Lady on Youtube earlier in the day.
I have also not yet seen The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to watch that one yet. They were discussing it on Reelcast a couple of months ago, that a lot of the fans saved one for a long time before watching it, because they were sad about it being the last one. I think that's definitely the case for me. After I watch Vernon and Irene, there will be nothing else of Fred and Ginger for me to see. kind of depressing. Anyway, who knows how I'll feel about it tomorrow.
I'll be wearing something pink tomorrow.
I'm going to mix up the Ginger Rogers cocktail. Yes, Ginger never drank, and I'm sure she would be less than thrilled to know that there is a cocktail named after her, but this sounds too delicious to pass up, and I need to use up the Ginger syrup that I made the other day. I suppose I could serve Ginger snaps or Gingerbread men as well, if I'm feeling crazy.
Now for some pre-birthday pic spam. Don't worry, there will be PLENTY more tomorrow :D
(I know these are messing with the layout,sorry. This layout just isn't working for me. I'll tryto find another one this afternoon)
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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous colour shot of Ginger by the pool. Stunning!


  2. I agree. I can't get over that bikini top, angora I believe. So ridiculous! But she looks wonderful here, probably the mid fifties, so she was likely about 42.